The Warehouse on Third

The Historic Brown & Evans Garment Company, circa 1920

The Beginning of an Adventure

Shortly after the purchase of The Warehouse Roger began doing research on it's history of ownership and original construction.  He discovered that originally the building had been built by two gentlemen from Sedalia, Missouri:  Charlie Brown and Bob Evans.  They came to Cedar Rapids, purchased land, and built the building in 1920.  The two owned what was originally Brown & Evans Garment Company.  Their knowledge of the garment industry was based on their ownership of the Levi clothing manufacturing facility in Sedalia.   In the mid 20's Charlie Brown left the business and it was renamed Evans Manufacturing Co.


In the early 1930's Evans Manufacturing went ouf of business, primarily because of the Depression and Metropolitan School Supply of Anamosa, Iowa purchased the building.  They owned it for nearly 60 years until Roger Hadley purchased it in 1995.  The images to the right show the terrible condition of the buidling at the time of purchase.  The entire inside of the building had originally been painted white.  It was never painted again so every roof leak, peel or crack was present at the time Roger bought the building.


Roger believed the only good way to clean and restore the walls, beams, and ceilings was to sand blast, so that was started in 1997.  Over 9,000 lbs of sand was shot in the upper level.  Images of the upper level are shown to the right in the slide show. Shortly after the major cleaning effort was finished Mr. Hadley contracted a consulting business to do research on the historic building and apply for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.  That was accomplished in the year 2000. 


After 2 years of cleaning and renovation Mr. Hadley attracted his first major tenant: The Ballet Academy, owner Paula Adams. Many stories can be told about the journey from then to now.





The Women of Brown & Evans Garment Company, circa 1922